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Engineering Zone by RAWLAB

One zone for all your tasks

The Engineering Zone (EZ) grants you direct access to all functionalities and services of RAWLAB. In addition to software applications, customer modules or data conversion, the EZ also includes the user administration and our support center.

Key features

Get a quick overview of the core functionalities included in the Engineering Zone by RAWLAB.


Convert & import time raw datasets from any data acquisition system

Access & select

Access your historical and current datasets by fast filtering and easy selection


Simple use of complex algorithms to compare & evaluate measurement data

Generate value

Deliver meaningful plots & reports and discover the real value of your data stock


Fully integrated into your engineering processes

output & export


RAWLAB is the condensation of analysis results to the essential with maximum output and minimum effort. The user-friendly design makes the handling of the Engineering Zone by RAWLAB particularly easy. A wide variety of file formats can be created:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • WAV
  • PNG
  • FIG
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